Arco, the Climbing paradies.. ...

.... and the world's famoust climbing areal!

Arco, with all the climbing walls of the Sarca Walley, is one of the more interesting locations for all the European Climbers!! All started in the seventies in our Region and this kind of sport was not so well known over the world. Champions like Manolo, Legrand Kammerlander opened the first ways on the walls around the Lake Garda.

On the wawe of these emotions there was a quick increasement of interest and in a few years Arco became one of the most important points for the climbers of the whole world.

Walls of different types and difficulties (don’t forget the historical Underground 9/a, one of the heaviest of the world. You can also find specialized shops, 2 boulder rooms in case of rain, and the artificial walls of Rock Master hosting the most important event of the World.

Further the very mild clima of Arco allows you to climb through the whole year.