Wellness and relax during your holiday on Lake Garda!

Hotel Olivo in Arco offers you a small and cosy  wellness center, composed of a sauna, steam bath, and Jacuzzi. You will have the possibility to take a relaxing time  during your holiday at lake Garda. Open the all year through, it is the perfect solution for summer and winter season, after an excursion on the mountain or after a cold day in the north Lake Garda area.


With a temperature between 80 ° C and 100 ° C and the extremely dry climate (humidity around 10-20%) is ideal for regenerating the body and expelling, through an abundant sweating of the skin, the toxins accumulated every day as well as favoring the draining of lactic acid (excellent after a day on MTB) Metabolism and heartbeat increase, dilating vessels and favoring blood circulation in the body. You will find a fountain with cold water with which you can quench your thirst and refresh yourself at your desire.

Hotel Olivo Arco sauna
Hotel Olivo Arco bagno turco
Bagno di vapore

You will find a temperature of 45-48 degrees and, its peculiar characteristic, a humidity of 100%. The heat and humidity of the steam favor the regulation of the pH of the skin making it smooth  and clean. Breathe deeply the aromatic essences that will automatically be introduced together with the steam, you will thus have beneficial benefits to the respiratory system.

Esperienza tropicale

By pressing one of the buttons you can enjoy the cold fog (cold water and air), which combined with the blue color therapy will give you a feeling of freshness and youth, or you can relax under the tropical shower (warm water with exotic natural essence) that combined with Orange color therapy will give you a tropical feeling.

Hotel Olivo Arco docce tropicali